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Don't Fear
The Boutonniere 

After countless failed attempts to attach boutonnieres to their jackets, our founders decided to find a way to save humanity from pinpricks, bloodstained shirts, floppy flowers, and ruined photos. Don't let inexperience, lack of coordination, or inebriation ruin the big day. Be the hero no one knows they need. Save yourself. Save your mates. Save the party. Buy a FlowerStay. 

Simple, 3-Step

Step 1) Puncture your beautiful boutonniere with the 3-pronged business end of the metal anchor.

Step 2) Lay out that fly rental tux jacket and push the twin-pin side of the anchor through the lapel into it's desired position.

Step 3) Secure the backing to the pins to lock everything into place.

Step 4) (Optional) Dance like no one is watching. Your body will move but your boutonniere won't.


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This is the best damn thing that ever happened to formal attire
— Every Groomsman Ever
FlowerStay is life. Formal in the front; party in the back
— Cal Naughton, Jr
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